Why training telephone Operators for inbound selling?

Have you ever wondered why selling performances are so hard to get, and if you get them, you get them in an apparently fortuitous way?
Have you thought that if the price was cheaper, everything would be easier?
Have you thought by chance that cold calling may be only the result of a talent?

Why training telephone Operators for outbound selling?

Have  you  ever thought that the only secret to obtain good sales results may be to multiply the calls and the possibilities to convince new customers?
Do you think that selling is only about talent?
The outbound selling has similar premises to inbound selling as far as the basic pattern is concerned.

Leadership training for Team Leaders and Call Center Managers

The theme of Leadership training for Team Leaders and Call Center Managers is very relevant in the trading desks.
In order to obtain better results in the People Management it is crucial to:

  • Keep the focus for yourself and for the managed group
  • Monitor and guide the performances
  • Support the development with mentorships and feedbacks.

Performance Management Courses

Our Performance Management Courses improve the decision-making capacities of a leader in a situation-room through the strengthening of the Leadership and the ability to read events and numbers in a quick and effective way.

Academy for Call Center

Our Academies for Call Center are training classrooms, often built with our client. They are courses, often with optional registration, that contain the fundamental areas of acting the role at stake.
They are programmed over years, during which the attendants deal with, exactly like in an university course, different subjects and their related examinations. Individual certifications will be given at the end of the educational cycle .

Training workshops between role and person

Call Center telephone operators today are often people with a lot of experience in the phone world, who also have qualifications and many years of experience.
Offering standard courses (e.g. Phone Skills) assuming they are useful tools for corporate targets, you risk to be ineffective. People, meanwhile, feel tired, swamped and under pressure. That’s why people need to work on what they really need!


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